Giving you the power to make the change you want.

Kimberly Dudik & Associates is more than a law firm. It is a way for you to receive the best legal and strategic representation to achieve justice. We bring a dedication to improving community safety, protecting survivors of crime, and enhancing public policy so that all individuals are safe and see justice. By understanding your legal and strategic needs, Kimberly Dudik & Associates is best equipped to develop creative and collaborative solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are an individual who wants to change a local ordinance, part of an organization that is advocating for a change in law, or an elected official who wants to improve state policy, our experience will help you make the change you want to see. We specialize in bringing people together from all walks of life, helping them find common values and goals, and bringing about necessary change through this collaborative approach.

We are also committed to helping strong, progressive candidates successfully run for office through our campaign consulting services. We especially believe women are uniquely suited to provide important leadership for Montana. We are committed to providing women with the campaign tools to win elections and to succeed in elected office, no matter their prior experience or financial means. 


If you want to empower yourself with the knowledge about federal and state laws impacting community safety, and how to advocate for safer communities, we have the tools for you. We collaborated with the Public Policy Institute of the Rockies on the Safe Community Challenge and created courses to provide you with this knowledge. We are available for consultation also.

Enroll in the SAFE COMMUNITY CHALLENGE BASICS course to learn about a new, innovative way to look at public safety, examining 6 areas of law essential for safety and equality. It will equip advocates, lawmakers, and citizens with tools to make communities safer.

Photo by Michelle Ding on Unsplash